Shannon is a Family Therapist, Counsellor and Credentialed Mental Health Nurse working in private practice from Nada Counselling in Adelaide, South Australia.

Most recently she has dedicated herself to intensive therapeutic work with young people with special needs and their families. In this world she combines the skills and knowledge she has gained from her therapeutic work, her initial nursing training, and skills in service development. She ensures that clients are the prime focus of her work but supports families and the young person to engage and manage agencies and systems. She has been recognised for her work with young people with intellectual disability who are struggling to adopt appropriate life skills or to address something they may have done to hurt others.

Her counselling is focused on developing the client’s sense of agency and covers a range of specialty areas: young people and children with sexualised or sexually abusive behaviour, young people who may have been emotionally or sexually abused and adults who live with mental illness.