Counselling Services

Child Sexual Abuse: Children

Understanding Sexual Abuse from a child’s point of view is essential to connecting with their experience, engaging therapeutically and releasing harmful meanings and understandings about themselves and their experience.

Child Sexual Abuse: Adults

Adults often apply adult thinking to their experience of Child Sexual Abuse. The ability to remember their childhood experience and thoughts and apply adult understandings to the meanings they made, will provide some clarity and the freedom to further explore the consequences, making adult considerations possible.

Sexualised Behaviour in Children

Gently developing knowledge about respectful interactions and body privacy supports children to be safe. Children who have experienced sexual abuse are often confused about appropriate behaviour and interactions with other children.  A sophisticated approach is essential to guiding these children towards healthy body awareness.

Sexual Abuse by Adolescents

Adolescents who sexually abuse other children require a respectful and considered approach, with sensitivity and support to take responsibility for their hurtful behaviour and to work towards restitution with the young people they have hurt and their families.

Aggressive and Concerning Behaviours in Young People with Intellectual Disability

Young people with Intellectual Disability can struggle with an internal conflict between their instant gratification and the consideration of others.  As young people develop physical strength, they can use bullying and aggression to meet their own desires.  Working with young people to develop care and consideration of others leads to respectful connection with family and community.