Raising teenagers is challenging; especially a teenager with an intellectual disability. When our child sexually offended, the pain was seriously compounded because it was another of our own. The fabric of our family unit was torn in every way. The immediate and ongoing emotional impact on all of us was incalculable. We knew we couldn’t fix all of this by ourselves. It brought so much shame on all of us, and we were terrified not knowing to what extent it was going to be necessary to protect our other children: What are the first steps? For how long? What’s the new normal? Then what? Is it ever going to be ok? We knew it was a lot to ask to find someone who could help answer all of our questions while being sensitive to the politics of a blended family of a chlid with a disability. Without Shannon Asa’s professional help, I don’t believe that we could have arrived at the measurably positive outcome that we have: our son has changed; he’s growing into a well-rounded young man who is respectful of those around him. Our daughter now feels safe, and once again loves our son. We have gained a great deal of trust, and our family is finally coming back together. Shannon’s counselling and perserverance with difficult communication at our son’s level – often on a weekly basis – has helped him to take an ethical stance with others, understand and control his feelings, overcome his shame, and rebuild trusting relationships with all of us. We’ve depended on Shannon’s tens of years of experience working with victims, offenders, families, and authorities, and we will be forever grateful for the effort, care, compassion, and guidance she has shown our entire family. We feel proud of what our son has achieved under Shannon’s guidance, and we love the young man he has become. Thank you Shannon.